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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Attention young earthers
Please do not read this post

There are too many things being said against eathother, if we are to say anything, it better be true. This is here I find a problem with the young earth camp, I prefer to believe that they dont really know what we say, because it is so easy to pull apart what they say, things that are contrary to the truth, like "Thomas Chalmers invented the gap theory", something which is being said over and over again, but that is not true.

I would like to invite you all over to my forum, so you yourselves can find out what We (or I) are saying.

Now! I told you not to read it, didn't I?
Do you have any idea who started the idea that Thomas Chalmers invented the Gap teaching?
You can trace the gap theory back to the greek translation of the old testament, or should I say, it seems like the greek hints at an other understanding than most people got, it might hint at the gap theory. Check out "without form and void" by Custance at
I meant
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Du är en dansk kättare.
Til blueblue1891:

tænk at jeg er agtet værdig for Jesus at lide ondt, tak skal du have :o)

You say, that Martin Luther supported the gap theory in your (awesome) page. Can you verify this?
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